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Students with Allergies/Medication at Ruth King Elementary

It is very important to note that Ruth King Elementary is not a “peanut-free” school.  We believe this would instil a false sense of security and perhaps lessen the focus on careful management of a student with a severe allergy.

If you have a child with allergies, please inform the school office and your child’s teacher. In addition, please provide information such as:

  • what medication(s) your child uses
  • how you cope with allergies at home, and
  • what should be done if your child goes into anaphylactic shock at school.

Anaphylactic shock is a medical emergency that demands an immediate, appropriate response. Keep in mind that, if your child goes into shock at school, school staff will not have time to contact you before they act. That’s why it’s critical to discuss your expectations and preferences ahead of time. You should also let your child’s teacher know how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Sooke School District has a strict policy on managing anaphylaxis. All B.C. districts are required to develop and implement policies that meet new, rigorous provincial standards.

To learn about our school’s policies, please contact the school directly.

Anaphylaxis Supporting Materials

Resources to support school administrators, teachers and parents in the development of anaphylaxis management programs have now been posted on the British Columbia School Trustees (BCSTA) website

Medication Administered at School:

A Medication Administration Form must be completed by your physician for staff administration of medication at school.  See link below to be completed and returned to the office.   If your child becomes ill and is on medication for a short term and returns to school and he/she requires administration of medication a Medication Administration Form is required to be complete by the physician.

Student Medication Administration FORM_July2011