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This Week:

Monday – May 29th ·       Pro D – No School Today
Tuesday – May 30th

·       Popcorn and Smencils (smelly pencils) handed out today for those who ordered.  This is a PAC fundraiser.

·       Hot Lunch Options – egg salad bunwich, banana bread OR veggie cottage pie + green salad + fruit

·       Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

Wednesday – May 31st

·       Hot Lunch Options – butter chicken & rice, banana OR perogies & sausage + raw veg & hummus + banana bread

·       NED Show – “Mindset Mission” – 1:15pm in the gym

Thursday – June 1st

·       Hot Lunch Options – blueberry muffin, yogurt, red apple OR bolognese & penne + caesar + morning glory muffin

·       Spring Concert – 2 shows (1:00pm and 6:15pm)

Friday – June 2nd               

·       Track & Field Day

·       Hot Lunch Options – smoked meat & cheese sandwich, nutrigrain bar

OR breakfast for lunch – egg bites, sausage, hashbrowns + fruit salad

SPRING CONCERT on Thursday, June 1st

Please note that the evening concert is completely at capacity so those that got your forms in on time will get your requested tickets.  There are still available spaces at the afternoon concert at 1:00pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience if you did not get the tickets you were hoping for.  Please be flexible in your thinking, as we have done our best to accomodate your wishes.  Thank you in advance.

Regular Reminders:

  • Please do not park in the staff parking lot or staff parking spaces on Matson Road when dropping off your children.  There are very limited spaces and if you are parked in the spaces, the Ruth King staff will have no spaces to park.
  • If you are running late, please drop off your child at the front door and let the staff take them to class.  You can pull up to the front doors and drop off.  There is staff there to greet their smiling faces.
  • If your child is going to be away from school, picking up early for appointments, or late picking up, it is important to email your child’s teacher and Ms. Jodi our secretary (jward@sd62.bc.ca) to let them know directly. Also, if you plan to pick up your child early, please email the same people to let them know.
  • Please remember to keep your children home if they are not feeling well.  We have had to send several students home who have come to school sick.  We are trying to keep everyone safe.  Please follow these guidelines as COVID is still happening.

Please remind your child not to bring toys (including Pokemon cards) or other sports equipment from home to school unless it is requested by the classroom teacher.  Electronics should also stay at home as well.  Thank you for your continued help with this policy.

Coming Up:


Popcorn & Smencils (6,13)

2 Track and Field

3 Bottle Drive – RK staff parking lot

5 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

9 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

9 Welcome to Kindergarten” – AM in the gym

13 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

14 RK/Spencer Indigenous Day Celebrations

16 Family Fun Night – PAC sponsored

21   National Indigenous Day

19 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

23 FUN Day at School – ice cream truck/sprinklers/dunk tank/bouncy castles

26 Grade 5 Year End Trip – Wild Play

27 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

28 Beach Day

29 Farewell Assembly – 10:45am

29   Final Summary Reports go home

29 Last Day of school for students!