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This Week:

Monday – May 22nd ·       Victoria Day – No School
Tuesday – May 23rd

·       Popcorn and Smencils (smelly pencils) handed out today for those who ordered.  This is a PAC fundraiser.

·       Hot Lunch Options – chicken fajita wrap, banana bread OR veggie cottage pie + green salad + fruit

Wednesday – May 24th ·       Hot Lunch Options – chicken fingers & plum sauce, banana OR perogies & sausage + raw veg & hummus + banana bread
Thursday – May 25th ·       Hot Lunch Options – hard boiled egg, hummus & crackers,yogurt, red apple OR chicken & veg stirfry+rice + raw veg & ranch + fruit
Friday – May 26th            

·       Pizza Day – PAC sponsored lunch

·       Hot Lunch Options – roast beef and cheddar sandwich with iceberg lettuce, cookie OR breakfast for lunch – egg bites, sausage, hashbrowns + fruit salad

Coming Up:


Popcorn & Smencils (16,23,30)

27 Bottle Drive – RK staff parking lot

29 Pro D – Non-Instructional Day

30 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

31 NED Show – “Mindset Mission” – 1:15pm


Popcorn & Smencils (6,13)

1 Spring Concert – “Songs of the Season” – two shows 1:00pm and 6:15pm

2 Fire Drill (Fri 1:30pm)

2 District Elementary Track & Field Day

5 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

9 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

9 Welcome to Kindergarten” – AM in the gym

13 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

14 RK/Spencer Indigenous Day Celebrations

16 Family Fun Night – PAC sponsored

21   National Indigenous Day

19 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

23 FUN Day at School – ice cream truck/sprinklers/dunk tank/bouncy castles

26 Grade 5 Year End Trip – Wild Play

27 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

28 Beach Day

29   Final Summary Reports go home

29 Last Day of school for students!


This year’s PAC AGM is on June 13 via Teams at 6:15pm. We will be electing next year’s council and we are hoping to bring in some new volunteers to join our collaborative team!

All of the council positions need to be filled this year: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, emergency preparedness rep, SPEAC rep, fundraiser, hot-lunch coordinator and some members at large. We meet virtually, once a month on the second Tuesday.

The positions that we are most in need of are treasurer, fundraiser and hot lunch coordinator. The treasurer does the council’s book-keeping, tracks spending and funds raised and collected, writes out payments, and reports to the council each month. The fundraiser schedules, coordinates and helps run the various fundraising events during the school year, along with other volunteers. Many of these events are repeats of ones that have been done in previous years, and there is a template to follow to organize those.

The hot-lunch coordinator organizes the twice-a-month lunch events, which have currently been split between Pizza Hut and Whitespot. This person will need to have or get their Serving it Right certificate, and be available on the hot lunch days (usually Fridays) to be at the school to help receive the food and distribute it to the classes.

For more information, contact the current PAC at ruthkingpac@gmail.com.