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This Week:

Monday – April 3rd

·       Morning Meeting 8:45am (gym)

·       Hot Lunch – Tortellini Marinara, mandarin orange

Tuesday – April 4th

·       Popcorn and Smencils (smelly pencils) handed out today for those who ordered.  This is a PAC fundraiser.

·       Hot Lunch – Taco Salad with chicken, banana bread

Wednesday – April 5th ·       Hot Lunch – Meatball Sub, banana
Thursday – April 6th

·       Elder Earl will be at Ruth King today to tell stories and enjoy traditional tea with some classes.

·       Hot Lunch – Cucumber cream cheese bagel, red apple

Friday – April 7th ·       Good Friday – No School

Our school has been participating in a pilot school meal program entitled “Setting the Table” as you all know.  Each class has had the opportunity to try out the food.  Please ask your children for their feedback.  The program is seeking input from parents whose children have participated in the program in order to support its ongoing development. Please consider taking a couple of minutes to complete this brief, anonymous survey:



More information about Setting the Table:


Thank you in advance.

Enjoy the week everyone!

Coming Up:


Popcorn & Smencils (11,18,25)

3 Schools Reopen After Spring Vac.

3 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

7 Good Friday – no school

10 Easter Monday – no school

11 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

12 Na’tsa’maht Dinner at Ruth King 5:00pm

14 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

17 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

19 Fire Drill (Tues 1:40pm)

20 Early Dismissal @ 11:23

21 Pro D – Non-Instructional Day

22 Earth Day

25 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

28 Pizza Day – PAC sponsored


Popcorn & Smencils (2,9,16,23,30)

1 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

9 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

12 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

15 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

18 Earthquake Drill (Thurs – 11:00am)

22  Victoria Day – No School

24-27 Aboriginal Awareness Week

26 Pizza Day – PAC sponsored

26 Family Fun Night – PAC sponsored

29 Pro D – Non-Instructional Day

30 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm