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This Week:

Monday – March 13th

·        Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

·        Hot Lunch – Penne Bolognaise, mandarin orange

·        Division 11 – Ms. McLachlan – Setting the Table Pilot Lunch – bolognese/penne+ raw veg & hummus + power balls

·        Drumming – Gramma Clifton Gym closed for these classes) 12:50 – Ms. Sidhu; 1:20 – Ms.Behm; 1:50 – Mrs. Denton

Tuesday – March 14th

·        Hot Lunch – egg salad bunwich, banana bread

·        Division 12 – Ms.Finnie/Coyston – Setting the Table Pilot Lunch – meatloaf + tomato basil salad + granola bar

·        Popcorn and Smencils (smelly pencils) handed out today for those who ordered.  This is a PAC fundraiser.

·        PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

·        Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

Wednesday – March 15th

·        Hot Lunch – Butter Chicken & Rice, banana

·        Division 13 – Ms. Evans – Setting the Table Pilot Lunch – mac/cauliflower cheese bake + tossed salad (ranch) + fruit

·        Drumming – Gramma Clifton (Strong Start Room) 12:50 – Mr. Moro; 1:20 – Ms. Sidhu; 1:50 – Mr.Stephenson

Thursday – March 16th

·        Elder Earl will be at Ruth King today to tell stories and enjoy traditional tea with some classes.

·        Hot Lunch – Blueberry muffin, yogurt, red apple

·        Division 14 – Ms. O’Neal -Setting the Table Pilot Lunch – Beef/Pork Chili; taboulleh + oatmeal cookie

Friday – March 17th

·        St. Patrick’s Day – wear green today

·        Hot lunch – smoked meat & cheese sandwich, nutrigrain bar

·        Division 15 – Ms. Hjermstad – Setting the Table Pilot Lunch – stuffed pepper (rice & pork) + caesar salad + banana bread

·        Family Food Market – 2:00pm – in the caged area by the blue playground; please bring your own bags; thank you

·        Last day before Spring Vacation – school starts back up on April 3rd

Regular Reminders:

  • If you are running late, please drop off your child at the front door and let the staff take them to class.  It really disturbs the teachers lessons if you are coming into the school to drop off your child late.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please send spare clothes for your child in case of an accident or other situation where they need to change their clothes.
  • Please send inside shoes with your child if you have not done so already.  This reduces the amount of cleaning our custodians have to do, therefore keeping our school cleaner.
  • Please do not park in the staff parking lot or spaces on Matson Road when dropping off your children.  There are very limited spaces and if you are parked in the spaces, the Ruth King staff will have no spaces to park.
  • Please remember to keep your children home if they are not feeling well.  We have had to send several students home who have come to school sick.  We are trying to keep everyone safe.  Please follow these guidelines as COVID is still happening.
  • Please remind your child not to bring toys (including Pokemon cards) or other sports equipment from home to school unless it is requested by the classroom teacher.  Electronics should also stay at home as well.  Thank you for your continued help with this policy.
  • If your child is going to be away from school, it is important to email your child’s teacher and Ms. Jodi (jward@sd62.bc.cato let them know directly. Also, if you plan to pick up your child early, please email the same people to let them know.

Coming Up:


Popcorn & Smencils (11,18,25)

3 Schools Reopen After Spring Vac.

3 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

7 Good Friday – no school

10 Easter Monday – no school

11 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

12 Na’tsa’maht Dinner at Ruth King 5:00pm

14 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

17 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

19 Fire Drill (Tues 1:40pm)

20 Early Dismissal @ 11:23

21 Pro D – Non-Instructional Day

22 Earth Day

25 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm

28 Pizza Day – PAC sponsored


Popcorn & Smencils (2,9,16,23,30)

1 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

9 PAC Meeting – 6:15pm (virtual)

12 Whitespot Lunch – PAC sponsored

15 Morning Meeting 9:00am (gym)

18 Earthquake Drill (Thurs – 11:00am)

22  Victoria Day – No School

24-27 Aboriginal Awareness Week

26 Pizza Day – PAC sponsored

26 Family Fun Night – PAC sponsored

29 Pro D – Non-Instructional Day

30 Public Board Meeting – 7:00pm


Staff Spotlight

Ms. Ives is a principal at Ruth King Elementary School. She has been a principal at Ruth King for 5 years so far.

Before she came to our school, she worked in the Haida Gwaii School District #50. She worked there for an amazing 26 years!

Her favorite part about working at Ruth King is all the wonderful students and families and the loving staff members.

When she is not working, she likes to make crafts, work out, run, dance, watch movies and hanging out with her friends.

Her favorite book is “Where The Crawdad Sing,” writing by Delia Owens.

Ms. Ives’ favorite food is Greek food.

I am so happy to have a wonderful principal, who cares about everyone equally and takes care of our school.

Written by Quintin (Grade 5)