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Standing Reminders:

  • We are working on student placements for next year. If you know you will be moving over the summer, please let me know as soon as possible.  At the moment for next year, we have 8 spaces left at Ruth King.
  • Please remember to do the “Daily Health Check” with your child and keep them home if your child is sick or displaying any symptoms.
  • Staff parking is an issue for us when parents are parked in the designated stalls on Matson Road. Please refrain from parking in these stalls when dropping off your child.  Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.
  • Please refrain from riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards on the playground.
  • Please remember not to bring dogs onto the Ruth King grounds as it is a dog free zone. Thank you.



This Week:

Monday – June 27th

·       Grade 5 Celebration in the Nature Playground – 10:45am

·       Lunch ProgramMacaroni and Cheese, Red delicious                                                apple and Fruit juice

Tuesday – June 28th

·       Kindergarten Celebration in the Nature Playground – 10:45am

·       Lunch ProgramChicken Caesar Wrap Rice, Krispie                                                  square, Fruit Juice

Wednesday – June 29th

·       Last Day of School

·       Lunch ProgramThree cheese perogies with sour                                                       cream, Banana, Fruit Juice

Thursday – June 30th ·       No School – Administrative Day
Friday – July 1st ·       CANADA DAY – holiday