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Your child has expressed an interest in participating on the Ruth King Cross Country Team. All practices will be held at school over the lunch hour. The cross country meet will be held at JDF, on Wednesday May 11th.

In order to ensure that this race is successful, we would ask that you please read the following procedures and expectations.


  1. The race takes place on the lower trails, fields, and parking lot of Juan De Fuca.
  2. The race won’t begin until 3:30pm as we need to allow travel time for all schools.
  3. The race order will be Grade 4/5, Grade 3, and Grade 2 (this has been organized so there is no overlap in the races.)


  1. It is a good idea to arrive early to find parking; showing up at 3:30pm might mean the runner will miss their race.
  2. Parking attendants will help to find parking spaces for all spectators, encouraging cars to park in the lower parking.
  3. The lowest parking lot is reserved for the finish line, handicap parking, and coaches or race supervisors who can’t arrive until the last minute.
  4. There is a second exit from the lower parking lots through DND property; this tends to be faster than trying to move back through the lineup up the hill.

Thank you from the Staff at Ruth King