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Hello Families,                                                       October 1, 2021

We would like to tell you about an exciting new organization that we are teaming up with called, Backpack Buddies. We did do this last year but wanted all our new families to know that it is available.  Backpack Buddies will give each child enough food for 6 meals plus snacks every second Friday. There is no cost to the families and food will be given out to your child at school starting on October 7thor 8th, 2021.

Community First Foundation


What is Backpack Buddies?  A charity dedicated to ensuring that children who rely on school meal programs Monday to Friday, so not spend the weekend without food.  Adequate nutrition is fundamental for a child’s health, wellbeing and overall success.  Raising a generation of healthy set up for success kids, benefits us all, and can help break the cycle of poverty.


Backpack Buddies looks to:

  • Support Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and all of its diverse communities through food security programs.
  • Strengthen ties and break down barriers throughout the communities we serve.
  • Work with partners to help feed kids in their community.


Kids helping kids:  Backpack Buddies is founded on the belief that for kids to feel compassion and empathy, they need to understand and learn about the issues faced by others and then be provided with tangible opportunities to be part of the solution.


How does the program work?  Backpack Buddies works with donors to raise food and funds to fill bags with enough food for 6 meals plus snacks; enough food for the weekend.  We coordinate with your school to ensure that we deliver an adequate number of bags to meet the needs.  The bags of food are delivered to your school on Fridays, at no cost to you – they are then distributed to the children before the end of the school day, and are designated to fit into your child’s backpack.


What’s in a bag?  Each bag contains 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks, juice box and some fresh fruit.  Some examples are: Chef Boyardee, Canned Beans, Campbell’s Soup, Instant Oatmeal Packets, Juice Box, Goldfish Crackers, Fruit Strips