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It was nice to meet some more parents on the Zoom PAC meeting this past Tuesday.  With COVID-19 there have definitely been some set backs, but I feel like the virtual meetings have made it easier for some parents to join the meetings from the comfort of their own homes.  Thank you to the executive for setting up these meetings.  The PAC is organizing a bottle drive fundraiser for this coming Sunday, October 25th from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  Please save your bottles and cans for this event.  Volunteers are needed, please contact the PAC either through myself or on the Facebook PAC page for Ruth King.

Please remember to check in with your child every morning to make sure they are not sick or exhibiting any signs of Covid-19.  The “Daily Self Check,” is available for your reference.

If your child misses school due to illness, it is difficult for your child’s teacher to catch them up on everything that they missed, as much of what the teachers do is build into their lessons through different means, such as lectures, videos, readings, debates, oral interactions, etc.  Please have your child write in a journal or tell a story, read a novel or book of their choosing, do some basic math fact practice, draw and colour, do some physical exercises, etc.  The teacher will provide what they can, but it may not be exactly what your child has missed.

Important:  Please send in your PINK verification forms if you have not done so already.  We will only release your child to the people who are listed in your emergency contact list.  If you need to change the people who are on your Emergency Contact List, please contact the school to update.

Upcoming Events:  Parent/Teacher interviews will take place between November 16th to 27th.  Your child’s teacher will contact you to set up a suitable time for you to meet with them.  We will not be having interviews within the school building at this time, but they will either be done over the phone, through Zoom or other virtual method, or in person outside socially distanced.

October 21st – we will be having a Lock Down Drill at 9:55am

October 23rd – No School – Professional Development Day

October 27th – Public Board Meeting – 7pm

November 4th – Photo Retake Day

November 10th – PAC meeting – 6:30pm (Zoom)

November 19th – Early dismissal 11:23pm for parent/teacher interviews

November 20th – No School – Professional Development Day