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Dear Ruth King Families,

This letter is to share information for families who are returning to Ruth King Elementary in June. To ensure our community safety, as well as making our school welcoming, please read this carefully. Many things have changed!

The district return to school survey is now closed. We must know in advance if your child is coming to school so that we are prepared. If you have changed your mind or have not completed the survey please connect with the office using the following method of communication. (Email: ruthking@sd62.bc.ca)

School Information

  • Part time, voluntary in class instruction is on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.
  • On line learning will continue (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for those students who are not attending in class instruction.
  • Students may not necessarily be with their classroom teacher, although we will try.
  • Families who are not attending in class instruction on Tuesdays and Thursdays, are not permitted on school grounds.
  • Due to safety concerns, parents will not be able to enter the school. Please talk to your child about this in advance.
  • Please contact the office if you need to make an appointment to talk with someone in person. Ph#250-478-8368
  • If your child is sick with cold/flu like symptoms they must stay home.
  • If your child becomes sick at school, they will be isolated and you will be contacted for immediate pick up. They cannot return until their symptoms are gone and they have a doctor’s note.
  • The playground structures and swings are closed to student use at this time.
  • Breakfast and Lunch programs will not be operating for the month of June.
  • After School Care will not be serving food, so those registered in this program, please send extra snacks.
  • If you require Before School Care on Tuesdays or Thursdays, you will now need to register as spaces are limited. Please call the school and we will send you the registration form.
  • Masks will not be provided, but students may wear them if they wish.

The Classroom

  • Classrooms will be very different as we have a maximum number of desks in each room.
  • We will no longer have shared supplies or materials. Teachers will send a list of required supplies (very limited). These supplies will be kept at school in individual bins.
  • Entry into the building: students will line up at their designated division numbers. There are painted hearts on the pavement for each student to stand on. Location of line up spots may have changed. Teachers will communicate this with you.
  • Students and staff will wash their hands every time they enter and exit the building. Hand sanitizer will also be used upon entering the building.
  • No toys or electronics can be brought to school.
  • Students will be physically distanced in class to help ensure no physical contact.
  • All food needs to be brought in and out each day including the garbage. Please make sure your child can open all containers. Food will not be shared among students or staff.
  • Please ensure your child can tie their own shoes, or provide them with Velcro shoes.
  • Water bottles only, no juice please. Water fountains are closed.
  • We will go outside for learning activities as much as possible! Please be prepared for the weather. For example, sunscreen your child at home, bring a hat, or rain coat depending on the weather.

Thank you for taking the time to read these points. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Respectfully,  Ms.V. Ives