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Ruth King Elementary School September 16 to 20th 2019

Greetings Students and Families!  Welcome to another school year at Ruth King Elementary!  We have several new students this year including our three classes of kindergarten students.  Our enrolment has increased by about 25 students, bringing our total enrolment up to 318 students.

For those of you that do not know, I will be sending a weekly email to try to keep you informed about upcoming events that are taking place at the school.  Feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns.  If you know someone that should be on this email list, but is not getting my emails, please get them to call the office with their current email address so we can make sure everyone is in the loop.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a few new staff members at Ruth King Elementary and to let you all know the staff members names.

New Staff Members:

Sharon MacDonald – Grade 4/5 teacher

Caitlin Mauger – Grade 4/5 teacher

Nathan Gates – Grade 3/4 teacher

Kim Bouchard – Grade 2/3 teacher

Rachel Radsma – Grade 1 teacher

Caitlyn Sabyan – Grade 1 teacher

Lisa Hagar – Grade 1 teacher

Joan Hope – Administrative Assistant – replacing Cardna Salter who is retiring this month.

Ana Galac – ELL teacher

Eva Martin – ESD teacher

Anna deVries – PE teacher covering teacher preps

Zoe McLaren – Music/Drama teacher covering teacher preps

Danica Fruttarol – Library Assistant

Alyssa Frerichs – Educational Assistant


For those parents/guardians who are new to our school, here is a list of returning staff members and their roles.

Returning Staff Members:

Georgette Walker – Vice Principal, Grade 1 teacher

Katrin van der Leeden – Grade 5 teacher

Keaton Stephenson – Grade 4/5 teacher

Julie Pinel – Grade 4 teacher

Kevin Dranchuk – Librarian and Reading Recovery teacher

Ramina Sidhu – Grade 2/3 teacher

Carole Denton – Grade 2/3 teacher

Deb Verdel – Grade 2 teacher

Sandy Grimwood – Grade 1 teacher

Jasmine Morris – K teacher

Karin Gronow – K teacher

Shannon Hjermstad – K teacher

Julie Bloom – Learning Assistance

Sheyla Beattie – Counsellor

Karen Hesse – Educational Assistant, Before School Program

Lynn Tedford – Educational Assistant, After School Program

Khione Gardner – Educational Assistant

Jessica Di Giorgio – Educational Assistant

Kim Basso – Educational Assistant

Akiko Borsholm – Lunch Supervisor

Joanne Irving – After School Program

Linda Pinay – Before & After School Program, L Supervisor

Karen MacKay – Crossing Guard, Lunch Program

Sharlene Chaves – Aboriginal Education Program Support

Esther Sustersich – ECE (Early Childhood Educator)

Fran Bitoni – Occupational Therapist

Catty Santilli – Speech and Language

Ramona Melanson – Strong Start Coordinator; Lunch Supervisor




  • Drop Off and Pick Up – please remember that the front parking lots off Jacklin Rd. are not for drop off or pick up. These parking lots are marked staff only and are not suitable for drop off and pick up as it is dangerous for our students to be walking in this area with all the vehicle traffic. Please use Matson Rd. for drop off and pick up. Thank you.
  • Verification Packages went out last week. Please update your child’s personal information.  These forms are very important for us.  They help us make sure contact information is up to date and accurate.  Please help us out by getting those forms back to us as soon as possible.

This Week:

Monday – Sept 16

·       Monday Morning Assembly @ 8:45am

·        Lunch Program – Macaroni and Cheese

·       Run Club starts today at lunch

Tuesday – Sept 17 ·       Lunch Program – Chicken Burger
Wednesday – Sept 18

·       Fire Drill today

·       Lunch Program – Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Thursday – Sept 19

·       Meet the Teacher Night (6:00 – 7:00pm); classes will be open for families to visit with teachers between 6:00 and 6:30pm; At 6:30pm parents will be called down to the gym for staff introductions and principal messages.

·       Lunch Program – Bean and Cheese Quesadilla with salsa

·       Run Club at lunch

Friday – Sept 20 ·       Lunch Program – Sloppy Joes with shredded cheese

Notices and Reminders:

LIBRARY BOOKS need to be RETURNED – please look in your house for Ruth King library books.  There is a large number of books that have not been returned from June.  Please return them as soon as possible.  Thank you! Looking for gently used books – If you are able to, please send in children’s books in good condition for our book rack in the foyer. Students check this regularly to ‘bring a book/take a book’ and having fresh titles helps keep it going!
SAFE ARRIVAL – thank you to the PAC for organizing our safe arrival program.  Safe Arrival is a volunteer run program that ensures your child has arrived safely in their classroom every day.  This is accomplished through communication between a 24hr in school answering machine, your child’s classroom teacher, main office sign-in book, and the safe arrival volunteer.  If your child(ren) will be absent or late, please leave a message at 250-478-1447 before 8:30am. Important information to include in message:  date, child’s first and last name, division, grade and reason for absence (late, sick,vacation)

Lost and Found Items

Please write your children’s name on their belongings, especially their hoodies, jackets and shoes.  This will help us return lost items to the owner.