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June is already upon us and the weather has been amazing!  Thank you to the PAC members who organized the “Fun Fair” for the entire school and for those of you who volunteered your time to make this event so special.  The students looked like they had a wonderful time and took home some yummy treats and fabulous prizes.  A big shout out to those who made donations and attended to support this fundraising event.  It takes a community to raise a child…  Well done everyone!

Monday – June 3

·       Monday Morning Assembly 8:45am in the gym for the whole school

·       Track & Field practise @ 12:10pm

·       Sound System Workshop – Div 2 @ 11:00am

Tuesday – June 4

·       Div 5&6 – field trip bowling 9:45 to 11:15am

·       Popcorn Day – $2 for popcorn or $2 for Smencils – PAC organized event, please email the PAC if you have questions ruthkingpac@gmail.com

·       Subway lunch for those who have ordered

·       Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation – 8:30am to 11:55am in the gym, classrooms and library

·       Track & Field practise @ 12:10pm

Wednesday – June 5

·       Div 12 – field trip to M’akola Centre

·       Track & Field practise @ 12:10pm

·        Staff Appreciation Lunch – sponsored by PAC (Hych’ka or HÍSW̱ḴE  Kleco Kleco or ƛ̓ekoo ƛ̓ekoo!)

·       Sound System Workshop – Div 4 @ 1:15pm

Thursday – June 6

·       Boot Camp (am) – in the gym

·       Div 11 – field trip to M’akola Centre

·       Paddle Boarding – it’s not too late, sign up online to register your child ($15.75 each for a 50 minute lesson) – call the school if you need more information.

·       Track & Field practise @ 12:10pm

Friday – June7

·       Boot Camp (am) – in the gym

·       Div 13 – field trip to Aria Senior Centre 10:30 to 11:45am

·       Track & Field Day – Grade 3 to 6 students involved (Bus leaves at 9:00am)

Notices and Reminders:

Student #’s for Ruth King Sept. 2019

As June is already here, we ask that families who know they will be moving or changing schools for September 2019, let the office know as soon as possible. We appreciate this as it allows us to estimate numbers of students for next year. Ruth King is growing and will will be adding a division next year.  Thank you for your help with this.


Looking to Declutter?          We are looking for gently used books – If you are able to, please send in children’s books in good condition for our book rack in the foyer. Students check this regularly to ‘bring a book/take a book’ and having fresh titles helps keep it going! TOYS AT SCHOOL         Please remind students not to bring their own toys or sports equipment to school.  We have plenty of things for the students to do at school, and unfortunately their own toys/balls etc. tend to cause issues in the classroom and on the playground.  Thank you for monitoring what your child puts in their backpack.
2019 – 2020 School Calendars are attached to this email.  The only change to the school day will be the recess time.  Next year it will be from 10:20am to 10:35am. All other times and bells will remain the same.