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NED’s Mindset Mission was very inspiring this past week. The Yo-Yo’s for the “pay it forward” campaign will be sold this week at recess and after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Children will have an opportunity to practise their yo-yoing skills in the NED zone at recess and lunchtime this week.

            NED stands for:

                        Never give up

                        Encourage others

                        Do your best


This Week:

Monday – Mar.2 ·          Lunch Program
Tuesday – Mar.3

·          Leadership Morning Meeting in Ms. van der Leeden’s classroom

·          PAC is selling Popcorn and Smencils at lunch today – $2.00/bag and $2.00/pencil

·          Lunch Program

·          Skipping Club with Ms. Hesse at lunch – 12:10pm

Wednesday – Mar.4

·          Grade 5’s visit Spencer Middle School 12:40pm

·          Lunch Program

·          Grade 4 Spirit Club Meeting 12:10pm Ms.Denton’s Classroom

·          Best Buddies at 12:10pm in the library

Kung Fu – last session 2:30 pm in the gym


Thursday – Mar.5

·          Boot Camp – 8:30am in the gym

·          Lunch Program

·          Skipping Club with Ms. Hesse at lunch – 12:10pm

Friday – Mar.6

·          Boot Camp – 8:30am in the gym

·          Spring Dance – PAC sponsored event

·          Lunch Program


  • Please send a spare set of clothes to school with your child in case they get wet at recess or lunch. Please also LABEL your children’s clothing and other items. Our lost and found is overflowing with unclaimed items!! We end up taking bags of items to the thrift store because items are not claimed.
  • NO HOME TOYS AT SCHOOL – Reminder to check your child’s backpack before sending them to school. Some students are still bringing toys to school from home. This includes sports equipment such as basketballs etc. “Show and Tell” items are okay.
  • Cell phones need to stay in student back packs while at school. There is a school phone for students to use in case of an emergency.
  • Please remember to drop your children off on Matson Road rather than at the front entrance of the school. It is much safer on Matson Road. Thank you for your attention to this.

PAC MESSAGE: The spring dance is coming up on March 6th and the PAC is asking for parent volunteers to make the event a success. If you are available for a shift or two please sign up here:https://signup.com/mobileweb/2.0/vspot.html?activitykey=237013184952972056#anonymous_invite_page

The school dance is for RUTH KING students only and the children must be accompanied by an adult.

Coming Up:

March 9 – 13 – Report Cards go out to parents
March 12 – OPEN HOUSE – 2:30 to 4:00pm and 5:00 to 6:30pm
March 14 – 29th – SPRING BREAK – No School